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REAIE is very excited to be launching an exciting new project, Contexts for Coherent Pedagogy and we are delighted to announce that there will be a limited number of scholarship places available for this innovative program, funded by the Impact Philanthropy Program.

REAIE has six scholarship places available for this program and these are to provide opportunities for new and emerging REAIE Professional Learning Facilitators. The funding for these scholarship places supports a capacity building framework that has been developed to support REAIE to bring to fruition a long-held aim to widen access to professional learning across Australia.

Scholarship funding includes:

  • 1 day online asynchronous opportunity to be completed at your own pace
  • 4 days face-to-face professional learning in Melbourne
  • Lunch on each day of the face-to-face training
  • A REAIE $100 book voucher
  • Interconnected Principles Poster and Book
  • Airfares and accommodation costs if you live in any State other than Victoria, where the training will be conducted (airfares and accommodation will be booked by REAIE. Preferences for Airlines and accommodation will not be possible).

Dates for face-to-face program:

  • Thursday 11 March and Friday 12 March 2021
  • Monday 10 May and Tuesday 11 May 2021.

Online training will be available in February.

REAIE encourages applications from those individuals who are reflective practitioners, committed to the practice and principles of Reggio Emilia, who have a desire to disseminate information about the reciprocity of theory and practice in Australia as potential professional learning facilitators for REAIE.

Please be aware that the successful acceptance of an application and consequent training does not guarantee or entitle individuals to contract work for/on behalf of REAIE as a consultant.

REAIE is  seeking expressions of interest from individuals who meet the scholarship criteria:
Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Have you been an individual member of REAIE for a minimum of 2 years?
  • Are you passionate about sharing the philosophy of the educational project of Reggio Emilia with other educators?
  • Do you live in a rural and or remote community?
  • Do you have experience, knowledge and understanding of working with the ideas and principles of the educational project of Reggio Emilia?
  • Do you have experience of working with and organising groups of adults?
  • Have you demonstrated pedagogical leadership in your career?
  • Do you believe you have the required skills and qualities to be a professional learning facilitator for REAIE?
If you answer yes to at least three of the above criteria we would love to hear from you, and we encourage you to fill in the application form attached.  There will be a shortlisting process to ensure that REAIE fulfills the requirements of the grant funding.
Scholarship commitments include:
Please note that scholarship places are only available to Australian residents currently residing in Australia.
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