Full Time Educators – The Northern Nursery School

The Northern Nursery Preschool is seeking two Diploma Trained Educators or new graduates for full-time 1 year contract positions.

Set up days: Thursday 24th – Friday 25th January 2019 (paid).

Contract period: Tuesday 29th January 2019 to Friday 20th December 2019.

The Northern Nursery School is a unique, aesthetically beautiful environment where children are valued and included in all aspects of the program. The teachers work together in relationship with children and adults in exploring, researching and building on interests and theories that emerge from the group, or the individual child. Collaboration, documentation and discussion are key elements that underpin our program and you will need to have strong verbal and written communication and critical reflection skills. We have above child/staff ratios and have excellent resources and a wonderful community of families.

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