Municipal Elections in Reggio Emilia

REAIE is privileged to be an invited member of the Reggio Children International Network for over 20 years.

The Network, now representing 35 invited countries and relationships with 145 nations, has had many identities over the years. In February, the Network identified the need to protect the use of the Reggio Emilia brand and work, whilst also promoting the Reggio Emilia Educational Project internationally.

Concern was also raised over the potential impact of a deeply conservative government being elected at the upcoming municipal elections in Reggio Emilia. Such a result poses possible threats to the management of early years’ centres and schools in Reggio Emilia, in particular the closure of the Istituzionne.

All International Network members were sent a letter from the Mexican and Brazilian Networks, as  below:

Dear members of the Reggio Children International Network,

As you all know, soon there will be elections in the city of Reggio Emilia and we had the idea of publishing an open letter to the citizens of this city to let them know how much we appreciate and value all we have learned from their municipal educational system. We hope this will be an opportunity to reach all the candidates so they are aware of the importance of the Reggio Emilia Approach®  in the world and that the new major of Reggio Emilia will continue to support the Istituzione and the municipal schools.

We have discussed and reviewed the letter with the president of Reggio Children (Claudia Giudicci) and we would like to publish it on behalf of all the networks, next week in a Reggio Emilia newspaper. 

The letters has been translated to Spanish and Portuguese and if you would like to translate it into your language, please do so and send us the translated version.

Please let us know if you are in agreement with this by this Friday so we can move ahead with our plan.

Kind regards,

Sausan Burshan, Norma Guinto and Marilia (on behalf of all RedSOLARE Latinoamérica)


REAIE, along with all other member of the international network was delighted to support this open letter:


Dear citizens of Reggio Emilia,

In February, representatives from 32 countries from across the globe arrived in Reggio Emilia, as we do every year and aspire to do so long into the future. We came as part of the Reggio Children International Network, to your city, to celebrate, understand, and defend your city’s cultural and pedagogical contribution to the world: the pedagogy developed in the Istituzione and your municipal schools known as the Reggio Emilia Approach®.

For a number of decades now, your city has represented a vision of excellence in education and has taught us the role of education in the construction of a communal wellbeing. This vision has expanded across Italy and the world through the work of Reggio Children that disseminates the Reggio Emilia Approach® through professional development, publications, workshops (ateliers), exhibitions, investigations and consulting services.

Each year the work of Reggio Children brings thousands of visitors to Reggio Emilia to learn from the exceptional work done in the city’s municipal schools, thus allowing Reggio Children to support and give value to continued existence of the Istituzione and the municipal schools of your city.

This has also greatly influence educational systems in various countries/cities outside Italy allowing children of the world to receive a better education. A vision that is embodied in the Loris Malaguzzi International Center, a place where educators, politicians, and citizens from across the globe come together to discuss, promote and defend the rights of every child. A place that celebrates the extraordinary legacy that Loris Malaguzzi gave birth to and that could have taken root only in an extraordinary place like Reggio Emilia.

As you embark on the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Loris Malaguzzi’s birth, know that the world will be celebrating with you through events organized by the Reggio Children International Network. It is our deepest wish that your city and your municipal schools continue to be beacons of hope for educators, parents, citizens around the world. Beacons that give visibility to the rights and potentials of each child and adult and to the power of education to contribute to the construction of a society that values the participation of its citizens in all their diversity.

We hope that we will be able to continue to bring educators, politicians, parents and citizens to Reggio Emilia to be inspired by and to support the Istituzione and municipal schools of Reggio Emilia.We thank you all for inspiring us to continue to strive to improve the educational systems in our countries and to recognize the potential of our citizens and context and we look forward to continuing to visit Reggio Emilia and its municipal schools for many years to come.


The Reggio Children International Network


The following correspondence was then disseminated from the author:


Dear all, 

Thanks for all your support. 

We are very excited to share that this week (we are in Reggio Emilia for our study group), we were invited to attend a debate between the five candidates for mayor organized by the parents council. We felt that this would be a great opportunity to give a copy of the letter to the candidates. During the event we were asked to give a brief comment about the letter before giving it to the candidates. Our words were received with great enthusiasm. The reporter that attended the event received the letter and we have sent a copy of it to a number of print media outlets. 

As soon as it is published we will let you know, after that we hope to publish on our social media. 


Sausan, Norma and Marilia

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