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Research for a culture of childhood that defends and promotes the rights of all children.


  • Promote a strong and positive image of children as citizens and active participants in democratic communities through the promotion of the critical role of research, observation, documentation and interpretation of children’s processes of action and thought.
  • Advocate for social justice and democracy in education, giving priority to active constructive and creative learning by children.
  • Sustain the strong relationship between REAIE and Reggio Children, as an invited representative of the Reggio Children International Network, through the promotion of dialogue, professional learning and research about the educational project of Reggio Emilia.


When making decisions and advocating for the work of the organisation Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange staff and committee pledge to:

  • Honour Children.
  • Act with Respect and Integrity.
  • Be Democratic and Ethical.
  • Support Learning, Teaching and Research.

We believe that these values reflect the vision and mission of the organisation and will support our decision-making processes.

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