Ethics in Loris Malaguzzi’s Philosophy

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The Ethics in Loris Malaguzzi’s Philosophy is an English translation of Dr. Alfredos Hoyuelos’ seminal book on Malaguzzi’s pedagogy and its influence on education throughout the world.

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Author: Alfredo Hoyuelos

In this volume, the ethics in Malaguzzi’s pedagogy is the central topic, a subject matter the author practices, in the methodology of his work, and the honesty of his approach. A book that also includes a preface by Carla Rinaldi, Malaguzzi’s former collaborator and member of the great team, and has shaped the municipal early childhood schools of the Italian city of Reggio Emilia, a city listed on the map for having the nicest looking schools in the world. And one that, like the ocean, like the oceans, invites every other city in the world to get soaked in pedagogy.

Dr. Alfredo Hoyuelos was born in Pamplona, Spain, in 1963. He holds a European Doctorate Degree in Philosophy and Educational Sciences. As a part of his doctoral work he frequently stayed in Italy, gathering documents to write his thesis titled “Loris Malaguzzi’s philosophy and pedagogical work and their repercussion on children’s education”. The thesis was written in collaboration with Pamplona’s City Council, Reggio Emilia’s City Council, and Reggio Children.

The Ethics in Loris Malaguzzi’s Philosophy is an English translation of Dr. Alfredos Hoyuelos book La ética en el pensamiento y obra pedagógica de Loris Malaguzzi, published by the the Icelandic publishing house Isalda ehf. This is the first time that some of Dr. Hoyuelos’ works are available in the English language. Dr. Hoyuelos books on pedagogical issues have had a major influence in Spanish speaking countries for many years, and we hope that the English speaking world will welcome this translation of his work.

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