Call for Conference Presentation Proposals

REAIE is excited to announce a call for Conference Presentation Proposals for the 10th REAIE Biennial Conference to be held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from Thursday 11 – Sunday 14 July 2019.

We invite submissions from those working with and for children and families across all States and Territories of Australia, the Asia Pacific and beyond, representing diverse settings which have been influenced by the values and principles of the educational project of Reggio Emilia.

Please complete the online submission below by 19 December 2018. Successful applicants will be notified in January 2019.

Successful presenters pay a reduced conference registration fee of $500.00. (Should there be several presenters sharing one conference presentation, ONE reduced registration fee will apply i.e. the amount must be shared amongst presenters).

About the conference title

“The genesis of the conference title, Landscapes of Transformation, was a very organic process, emerging out of a long conversation over a meal one evening in April 2017, when the Perth Reggio Network committee met to discuss the possibility of the REAIE conference being held in Perth.

We were reflecting on previous REAIE conference themes, for example, ‘Landscapes of identity’, ‘Landscapes of a Hundred Languages’, ‘Landscapes of Listening’, ‘Landscapes of Possibility’. We agreed that we liked the ‘Landscapes’ thread that held these conferences together and this led us to muse about what kind of ‘landscapes’ theme might suit our place and time.

We talked first about how the land itself had changed so much, even in our own lifetimes – so much bush has been replaced with cities and farms. This led to a discussion about spectre of planetary change which in turn brought to mind the Reggio project, ‘Planetary Messages’.

We discussed the role of education in precarious times, along with the urgent need for transforming education in the face of a changing world.  This led us to mull over ways Reggio Emilia had changed our own ideas about education. Somewhere in amongst all this we talked about ‘becoming’ and ‘becoming-with’; how adults and children are in a constant state of becoming with the world. Suddenly, ‘Landscapes of Transformation’ emerged and it seemed like a very fitting theme for a conference in this place and times.”

Jane Merewether, Convenor Perth REAIE Network.

Landscapes of Transformation – Call for presentations

At the REAIE AGM in Adelaide this year, Tiziana Filippini, Reggio Children shared: The schools in Reggio Emilia were established as educational places for children and families, with a strong ethical, political, cultural vocation to produce a school where the child was thought of as a bearer of resources, potential and rights… where the teacher and the parent and their relationships were also thought about differently.

  • What is the transformation of education (learning and teaching) that we seek within these changing times?
  • What values and beliefs do we desire to drive and inform this transformation?

We are interested in papers that consider but are not exclusive of other topics related to the conference title, including:

  • The role of education in an ever-changing landscape and the capacity to transform early childhood centres and schools as places of culture and democracy for children, families, educators and the community;
  • Advocating for a new vision of teaching and learning an Australian educational project i.e. re-visioning learning and curriculum;
  • Transforming classroom theory and practice (and teacher identity);
  • The role of the educator-as-researcher to re-imagine, challenge theory and re-construct notions of learning and education with children, families and educators;
  • Learning environments as spaces for transformation.

Conference Presentation Proposals are scheduled in the program as 45 minute presentations.

Guidelines for submissions

Please submit your proposal via the form below.

We ask that you please include:

  • The names of the speaker(s), your position title(s) and your organisation/affiliation(s);
  • Contact details (mailing address); contact phone numbers (work and mobile) and email address);
  • Presenter information 100 words (for inclusion in the conference program e.g. qualification(s) and work experience;
  • A brief history of your interest in and work with the educational project of Reggio Emilia;
  • Presentation type e.g. seminar; interactive workshop; other;
  • The title of your presentation;
  • Session outcomes: For the participants to….
  • 5 key words/themes which your paper aims to address;
  • In no more than 250 words a brief summary of your presentation, including your target audience (kindergarten; LDC; school; university other);
  • Audio visual requirements for presentation;
  • The relevance of your paper to the conference theme;
  • The name, contact phone number and email address of reference no 1.
  • The name contact phone number and email address of reference no 2.

Each author is requested to submit a colour passport-sized photo (head and shoulders).

Supporting photographs/drawn images must have prior permission for usage from parents/guardians.