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Finding a Reggio-inspired early learning centre or school for your child

The Reggio Emilia approach to education is not a recipe or a model, and many different interpretations are possible.

Reggio Children hope that schools and centres in Australia will interpret the work of Reggio Emilia in their own ways, according to their context and the community they are working with.  Schools and centres will also be at different stages in their exploration of the principles of Reggio Emilia.  What does this mean then for a parent researching options for a Reggio Emilia inspired educational experience for their child?

REAIE encourages parents to look first at local possibilities.  You may find that there is a centre/school near to you that does not profess to deliver a Reggio Emilia inspired program but in fact reflects many of the principles advocated by Reggio Emilia educators.

You may also find that a centre/school near you provides a high quality education to children and you may be able to encourage the teachers there to begin to explore or make connections to the Reggio Emilia understanding of education.

On the down side, there are schools that use ‘Reggio Emilia’ as a brand or marketing tool without actually expressing the philosophy in their teaching and learning.

While it is not possible to recommend particular schools or early childhood centres,  the following link provides a set of questions and suggestions that may help parents in their research for a ‘Reggio inspired’ educational setting for their child.

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Suggestions for choosing a child care centre or school