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The Challenge

The Challenge is REAIE’s journal for facilitating dialogue, debate and reflections on the educational project of Reggio Emilia in the Australian context.

“It’s not just about getting through this pandemic, it is about, as you say, what we learn from it and how we might be transformed because of it.” (Kirsty Liljegren in her closing remarks to Jan Millikan REAIE Conversations Episode 1: The Pedagogy of Relationships)

In light of the changes and restrictions brought upon us all due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we invite you to share your experiences through contributing to the Challenge Journal.  Many of you may have been engaged in online learning with children and families. Others of you may have continued to work in your own settings but in new ways. We wonder what these experiences were like for you.

In the podcast, Jan invites us to consider that…”it is a time to reflect on what we do, on what is really important and what is actually taken away when we don’t have that physical contact, what’s missing and do we take as much advantage of those relationships…”

We invite you to reflect upon and share how you designed your response to the necessity of ‘remote learning’. What values were in mind as you designed your response? What did you notice about the responses of your children, your families, yourself, your colleagues to this experience? What perspectives have been expressed by children, families and colleagues? What surprised you and/or concerned you about this experience?

We invite you to share

  • a paragraph or two about your experience; you may like to focus on one, some or all of the possible questions, or may have your own ideas to share
  • a project that evolved during this time which you could share through a longer more extensive article
  • the ways children expressed their theories, ideas, concerns about the COVID 19 virus and how this has affected their lives. This could be represented through many different languages. As Jan reminds us in the podcast, “There is no limit to where children can take us if we give them the 100 Languages.”
  • unedited (raw) documentation of children’s conversations

We are keen to share the voices of all involved – educators, children and parents.

We look forward to receiving your contributions via

Debbie Nicholas on behalf of the Editorial Board

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