2022 REAIE Committee Nomination

As a new Committee is elected at the AGM this is a time for members to reflect on the work, vision, mission and values of REAIE. Committee members help drive the organisation and the work of the REAIE Committee can be both a rewarding and demanding voluntary role. It requires a commitment in terms of personal time, energy and dedication. Members considering nominating for the Committee are encouraged to be aware of the importance and expectation of attending meetings, being an active member of the Committee and participating in REAIE project and task groups. Committee participation should not be considered a role for personal benefit, such as professional learning or gain.

The Committee has important functions including:

  • Providing strategic leadership.
  • Ensuring the organisation is financially viable and meets legal and legislative requirements.
  • Determining how REAIE will further its vision and mission and meet the needs and interests of members.
  • Supporting the orgnisation across three key business focus areas (Project Groups): Business Development, Marketing and Communications, Professional Learning.

The work of the Committee is spread across a range of projects including professional learning, a biennial conference, publications, study tours, international relations and working in collaboration with other organisations.

The REAIE Committee invites you to consider nominating yourself or another REAIE member who you think would make a positive contribution to the organisation by completing the Committee nomination form and returning it to the office by 9am on 24 March 2022. All nominees must have been individual financial REAIE members for at least 2 years and agree to the organisation’s Committee Code of Expectations and Attendance Policy. Two support referees are required, with at least one referee an individual financial member of REAIE. Any resignations from current REAIE Committee Members or nominations for re-election should also be received in writing by 9am on 24 March 2022. The Committee can comprise up to 15 members. There are 7 current Committee members due for re-election, should they wish to renominate.