Documentation as progettazione

  • Documentation guiding the design process (that is progettazione).
  • Developing research questions; intentional observation; interpretation and re-launching projects.
  • Advocating for Image of Child (children’s voice and thinking) and the hundred languages.
Ruth Mules
Ruth Weinstein
Colette Bonner
Michelle Ng
A vine as a metaphor for relationships

 ‘A Vine as a metaphor for relationship’, will detail the growth of encounters with metaphors as a powerful learning tool. Ruth Mules, (Educational Leader at Wee Care Kindergarten), Colette Bonner, (Educator and Student Teacher), Ruth Weinstein, (owner of Wee Care Kindergarten), and Michelle Ng, (Early Childhood teacher at Mia Mia), came together as a community of learners that included Children, educators, and a critical friend.  Their presentation will share their processes of observation, documentation, and interpretation as they engaged in their research. 

Kerrie O'Neill
Nicole Johnson
Recursively Uncertain

Kerrie O’Neill has had over 30 years of experience in the Early Childhood Sector in Australia. She spent over 25 years working with children and families before becoming an Early Childhood Consultant. In 2021, Kerrie O’Neill worked with the team at Kincoppal-Rose Bay Early Learning Centre on behalf of REAIE as a research mentor.

Nicole Johnson is currently the Leader of Early Learning at Kincoppal-Rose Bay Early Learning Centre which is part of a P-12 Independent School in Sydney.

This presentation is grounded in the historic and contemporary values and principles of the educational project of Reggio Emilia that were explored during this co-research.  The research and documentation context is Sydney, Australia and the research narratives will be co-presented by Kerrie and Nicole.

Deb Garrett
Kirsty Piendl
In relationship to flags – a democratic exploration

Kirsty Piendl is an Early Childhood Teacher, having worked in Early Childhood for 10 years.

Deb Garrett is an early childhood and primary teacher-researcher, consultant and academic.

Deb and Kirsty believe that If we truly listen sensitively to children, and consider their wonderings and research questions about their world, the possibilities can be endless. Their presentation will share their progettazione that began with the addition of a flagpole in their environment. Deb and Kirsty will relate  their journey that extended through the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the possibilities and challenges they encountered, including how they discovered ways to share their documentation with children, educators and parents.