The Language of Clay

Presenter: Northcote Pottery

Date: Tuesday 12 June, 2018


Category: Workshop

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Program Description

Clay is a wonderfully malleable material. It (is) a language for exploring and communicating ideas (and) enables children to make their ideas visible” (Ursula Kolbe, Rapunzel’s Supermarket, p 67)


Clay invites exploration and can be a rich and powerful tool for children to create with, on both a small or large scale. There are many basic techniques that the children benefit from mastering when working with clay, such as the skills needed to create coils, pinch pots and successfully joining pieces of clay together. As adults, it is important that we experience a material before we introduce it to children. We need to have opportunities to explore the possibilities it can offer prior to researching alongside them.


Come along and be part of this practical workshop and discover the many possibilities that clay provides by learning basic techniques and terminology, refreshing your skills or simply gaining confidence to use clay in your programs.


This workshop is open to current REAIE Members only.