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REAIE Announcement:

REAIE has been monitoring the situation with our colleagues in Italy and we now find ourselves in a position where we too have difficult decisions to make.  It would appear that the situation unravelling in relation to Covid-19 (Coronavirus) will have an unavoidable impact on the work of REAIE over the coming months.

After careful consideration REAIE will be postponing ALL REAIE public events for March and April 2020.

We believe that this is the right course of action with regard to our duty of care to our members and recognising that our decisions ultimately impact on the lives of young children.

We thank you for your understanding.

Events currently available for booking:

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Event Venue Start date Description
Webinar - October - 100 years of Loris Malaguzzi Online
  • Sat 17 October, 2020 11:00 am

Join us for an exciting opportunity to explore and reflect on Loris Malaguzzi: the man, the thinking, the legacy and how his work and legacy have influenced thinking, learning and teaching in Australia. Celebrate with us in dialogue with guest speakers from Reggio Children, Paola Cagliari and Sara Di Poi;  Jan Millikan, a founding member (more…)

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A Series of Encounters Online
  • Mon 19 October, 2020 7:29 pm

REAIE has developed a new series of four webinars which will explore in more detail the complexity of the role of the atelierista, clays’ potentialities, possibilities of light and how we should never underestimate the potential of babies. Join us from your workplace or the comfort of your own home. These webinars will be recorded (more…)

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An Encounter with Languages Online
  • Mon 19 October, 2020 7:30 pm

The atelier brings the strength and joy of the unexpected and the uncommon to the process of learning. It supports a conceptual change that comes from looking through a poetic lens at everyday reality. (Vecchi, 1995 p. 303). This webinar will focus on the complexity of the role of the atelierista within an early learning setting. (more…)

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An Encounter with Clay Online
  • Mon 26 October, 2020 7:30 pm

Encounters between children and materials are generally extremely rich in suggestive qualities, memories, and meanings… (Vecchi, 2010, p. 32). This webinar will focus on clay’s potentialities, interweaving the practical and the possible, exploring what this enticing material has to evoke in children and adult’s learning. As Cathy Phillips (Creative Arts Specialist) and Kirsty Liljegren engage in (more…)

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An Encounter with Light Online
  • Mon 9 November, 2020 7:30 pm

Light and certain light phenomena are central protagonists and highlight the extent to which expressiveness and beauty can accompany an understanding of scientific thinking. Science is almost always missing from educational work with small children or taught in ways that are mostly to do with facts the teacher wants children to learn. It is a (more…)

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An Encounter between Babies and Material Online
  • Mon 16 November, 2020 7:30 pm

Wonder as the genesis of learning.  We should never underestimate the potential of babies and their creative strategies of thinking of learning given the right conditions. This webinar will explore the statement that ‘wonder is the genesis of learning’ by exploring the concepts and values of the image of the baby, planning for babies and (more…)

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