NEW Workshops in 2019

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Following the success of the Introduction to Reggio Emilia, developed by Jan Millikan and Kirsty Liljegren, REAIE is thrilled to announce the development of 4 NEW workshops that expand on the principles of the Reggio Emilia Educational Project outlined in the introductory seminar.

From February 2019, these exciting new workshops will be presented at various locations across Australia:

An Image of the Child and Childhood

Developed by Jan Millikan (VIC) and Debbie Nicholas (VIC)

This workshop will explore some of the many possible Images of the Child and Childhood over time, in particular the choice the educators in Reggio Emilia have made to view the child as the protagonist of their own learning. Participants will have opportunities to engage in a dialogue related to the provocations and implications this project provides for Australian contexts. It will also provide an opportunity for each participant to create or reflect upon a personal statement of their own image of the child and childhood.

The Hundred Languages of Children – “the fantastic theory”  

Developed by Chris Celada (VIC) and Shana Upiter (VIC)

This is a hands-on experiential workshop that invites participants to gain a deeper understanding of what educators in Reggio Emilia refer to as the Hundred Languages. Through this workshop participants will explore the relationship between materials, knowledge, learning and thinking. They will come to know how materials can be used to construct meaning and consolidate understanding. This workshop will bring practice and theory together and include documentation of work with children.

Documentation – listening differently

Developed by Chris Celada (VIC) and David Gilkes (TAS)

This workshop seeks to make connections with how documentation, as we understand it, is being used in Reggio Emilia, and how it might look in practice. This will allow educators to EXPERIENCE documentation and to connect theory, their own knowledge building processes and practice.

The Environment as Third Teacher 

Developed by Megan Gibson (QLD) and Lyn Zollo (QLD).

The Environment as Third Teacher workshop explores spaces, places and relations that enable rich pedagogy and practices. Big picture considerations, including the role of theories, principles and images, will provide foundations for the exploration of environments in early childhood contexts. Unpacking designs and dimensions of environments, by examining architectural principles and case studies in local Australian contexts will provoke thinking and open possibilities. Applications will enable participants to make connections between theories, principles and practice to put in place possibilities (and consider missed opportunities) within educators’ own contexts.

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