Conversations Episode 1: Snippet – Discussion of the notion “Education IS relationship”, with Jan Millikan

Welcome to Conversations, our new member feature. Conversations is hosted by Kirsty Liljegren and Kerrie O’Neill on behalf of REAIE. It is an opportunity for rich thinking and dialogue, as a context of continuous interaction, between you and your colleagues. Episode 1 features REAIE founder Jan Millikan and is available in full to  REAIE members on our website.


This conversation with Jan Millikan is an insight into how the philosophy of the Reggio Emila approach and the long standing relationship between REAIE and the Reggio Emilia education community is the context for relationships. She expands on the notion of “Education IS relationship” where the creation of a learning community of children, educators and families is prioritised. Jan shares her understanding of lessons learned through the Reggio Emilia community and their approach to collective responsibility in relation to Covid-19 and the value of inter-dependence where we look out for others not just our selves.


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