The Hundred Languages of Children

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Through this workshop, participants will explore the relationship between materials, knowledge, learning and thinking. They will come to know how materials can be used to construct meaning and consolidate understanding.

Participants will:

  • Through hands-on experiences gain a deeper understanding of what Reggio Emilia refers to as The Hundred Languages of Children
  • Unpack the process by which children construct a literacy in language
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how children construct knowledge and meaning when they work with materials
  • Understand how the physical properties of materials influence thought.
Quote: “In order for us to be with the children, we have to build up a legacy of knowledge and capability for ourselves with the languages we offer children.” Rabotti, A., (2018) Daily glances on nature and digital and other languages in The culture of the atelier  REAIE Reggio Emilia Intensive Study tour.

The Hundred Languages of Children workshop brings practice and theory together and includes documentation of work with children.

An understanding of the Reggio Emilia principles and practice is required in order to fully participate in this workshop.

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