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REAIE Notebook

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INTRODUCING the new REAIE notebook. This notebook is a resource to support educators to undertake the many elements of the planning cycle in their quest for quality improvement.

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We all know the importance of critical reflection but does it lead to change?

Continuous improvement and professional growth or as they call it in Reggio Emilia, formazzione, is shaped by critical reflection but is enhanced by the process of metacognition; having an awareness of or analysing your learning and thinking processes.

The new notebook, developed by REAIE, will assist in the processes of critical reflection and metacognition.  It can be used as a tool for critical reflection, to record daily observations or write your daily reflection notes. It also could be used to write notes during a workshop or webinar or any professional learning.  The process of recording information is in itself, a process of interpretation, of valuing and of preserving quotes and thoughts and ideas for future reference.  Notebooks can act as a strategy and evidence of data collection for the assessment and rating process.

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Dimensions 24 × 17 × 1 cm
REAIE Notebook

The REAIE Notebook is a softcover unlined notebook with 150 pages

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