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Little Ones of Silent Movies

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Make-believe with children and fish at the infant-toddler centre

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An extraordinary adventure between one and two-year old children and little fishes in the Rodari Infant-toddler Centre of Reggio Emilia.

“The whole story is silent, like in the old movies of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, as if the children were their rightful heirs… The story unfolds without spoken words, but they are here in disguise, pervading the children’s experiences in a secret stream that ensures the continuance of dialogue and reciprocity, the feeling of being alive, listened to, understood.” Loris Malaguzzi

Edited by Sonia Cipolla and Evelina Reverberi

English translation by Leslie Morrow and Giordana Rabitti

Published by Reggio Children, 1996; 72 pages

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Dimensions 21 × 15 × .5 cm


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