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2021 Call for Research Symposium Proposals Submission Form

Submissions must be received by 15 January 2021. Successful applicants will be notified in Febraury 2021.

  • Group Contact Information

  • Please select your home state.
  • Other Presenters Contact Details

    Only complete this section if there is more than one presenter in your group.
  • Please click the + symbol to add more rows as required.
    Full NamePhone NumberEmail Address 
  • Presenter and Presentation Information

  • 100 words per presenter for inclusion in the conference program and website, e.g qualifications and work experience. Please include all presenter information is this section. If your group consists of four or more presenters please include a synopsis of the group.
  • Please upload individual files for each presenter. If you are experiencing difficulties please email the files to
    Drop files here or
  • For the participant to...
  • Please click the + symbol to add more rows as required.
  • In no more than 250 words a brief summary of your presentation, including your target audience (kindergarten; LDC; school; university, other) This will be used in the conference program and on the website:
  • Permission to print

    REAIE would like to make available to members all successful Conference Presentations. This maybe in the format of a hard copy, inclusion in The Challenge Journal or digitally on the REAIE Online Piazza.
  • Referees

    Please include details of up to 2 referees for your group.
  • Supporting photographs/drawn images must have prior permission for usage from parents/guardians.
    Drop files here or
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