Welcome to your role as a Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange Committee member. This information has been prepared to support you in this role.

REAIE is a not for profit membership organisation established in 1994. The organisation was originally established to provide an opportunity for dialogue within Australia contexts. The dialogue responded to the provocations from the educators in Reggio Emilia Italy. REAIE became an incorporated body in June 2000.

Embedded within the development journey of REAIE there has been a commitment to defend and promote the rights of all children, promote dialogue, facilitate professional learning and to undertake research. All of these commitments have remained at the heart of the organisation.

REAIE was initially conceived and established by founder member Jan Millikan and became an incorporated body in June 2000. The organisation has grown to include 16 networks throughout Australia, a staff team of 5 and a committee of 13.

The vision, mission and values statements have been co-constructed by the Committee and staff. They have evolved and been refined throughout the historical journey of REAIE. The most recent updates were approved in July 2018 following a strategic planning day, where a key set of values were agreed upon for the organisation.

Information about Networks

The organisation is further supported by 15 networks operating Australia wide. The role of the networks is critical in engaging new members and promoting the work of the organisation.

Definition of a Network Group

The definition of a Network Group is a group of REAIE members organised by geographical location and/or special interest who meet regularly to actively promote the Vision, Mission and initiatives of REAIE ensuring a sense of purpose, collegiality and direction across Australia.Network Groups are a benefit of REAIE membership, and REAIE members can attend any Network Group meeting across Australia.

REAIE Networks Groups:

•Are ambassadors for REAIE, instrumental to the growth and development of the organisation•Contribute to the work of the REAIE Committee in advocating for children’s rights and active citizenship within their contexts

•Provide a forum for mutual support and exchange, enabling educators to safely share ideas and experiences and critically reflect on their own practice and pedagogy in relation to the values and principles of the Educational Project of Reggio Emilia

•The identity of each Network Group reflects and responds to its unique context, meeting the needs of individual REAIE members.

Purpose of Network Groups

REAIE Networks bring together, for the purpose of creating a strong network, like-minded educators interested in further developing and extending their knowledge of the values and principles of the educational project of Reggio Emilia. Jan Millikan

Network Groups will:

•Actively promote the Vision, Mission and initiatives of REAIE

•Facilitate professional learning and collaboration

•Provide forums where members feel a sense of connectedness with each other

•Organise centre/school visits, which serve as provocations for deepening learning and further the reciprocal exchange of practice and values

•Support members to share their practice and research projects by submitting articles for the Challenge

•Support the growth and development of existing and new members.

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