Registrations close midnight Wednesday 7 June 2023.

If there is one thing that we have learned in the past few years, it is that creativity and curiosity are children’s unwavering travelling companions. There is no doubt that these times have brought children, families and educators across the world, many moments of complexity and uncertainty. Across Australia and around the globe, educators have drawn deeply on their own creative capacities in order to engage with children’s curiosities in new and exciting ways. Standing now at a threshold to the future, we are strengthened by these new perspectives and ready to consider our practices and systems for children through fresh eyes.

We invite you to gather with us for the return of the REAIE Conference in Melbourne, in 2023, as we reconnect with our shared purpose and re-think the relationship between our values and practices, with children’s creativity and curiosity as our focus. This event brings both Australian and International delegates together to uncover new understandings of the strategy of the 100 Languages as a catalyst for change.

This Conference, planned in close collaboration with Reggio Children, will be a rich and invigorating experience as we excitedly welcome the return of our esteemed friends and colleagues from Reggio Emilia, supported by a collection of presentations from the Australian research community. Planning is well underway for the conference, which promises to be a very special networking initiative as we reconnect with colleagues and gladly welcome new members. We look forward to releasing further details as they become available.