Reflections on the Marketplace of Possibilities

The Marketplace of Possibilities

Westbourne Grammar School – 8 September 2018


Participants reflected on the significance of the day on their own learning:

“The day was a wonderful refresher/revisit to the philosophy of Reggio Emilia. I was inspired by the enthusiasm and passion of each of the presenters. I often feel overwhelmed by the amazing depth of the learning happening in the Early Learning Centres of Reggio Emilia….but this day gave me an opportunity to step back, celebrate and embrace the hundred languages of children, together with colleagues.”

“This day was probably one of the most practical learning days I have been to.”

“The Reconciliation Action Plan really resonated for me as I now feel that our centre could embark upon this journey.”

“Reflecting and talking with other like-minded people, sharing what we do and how we can add to our practice. The way that I think about the morning meeting and the importance of the student voice.”

Participants also shared thoughts about their growing understanding of the Reggio Emilia approach to teaching and learning:

“…I felt a real sense of working in partnership with the child and collaboratively building a learning environment. By the conclusion of the day I was reminded of just how much the child has to share with us and how we can keep learning as we work together.”

“When we (educators) become overwhelmed with so many other obstacles such as behaviour management, tricky parents, large group sizes and the many demands put upon us…returning to The Hundred Languages of Children, is grounding….and can help redirect us to refocus on what is important for THE CHILD.”

“It has made me appreciate the respectful approach Reggio Emilia has to listening the children’s voices and believing in their capabilities.”

Since the Marketplace, participants have been exploring new ways of working with materials.

One participant has “explored some of the light exploration ideas and our morning meetings are more purposeful.”

Another commented: “I have already begun collecting materials and resources that I encountered on the day and will begin implementing work with the black light in the classroom. The children are loving the microscope that attaches to the ipad and we are exploring the possibilities with that.”

And another has “slowed the pace down to give time to know the materials”.

REAIE is grateful to participants for sharing their experiences. Further workshops exploring the possibilities of materials are currently being planned for 2019.

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