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  • There is a large group of pedagogical explorers from around the world who have been substantially challenged, inspired and mystified by the educational project of Reggio Emilia. The project speaks to different people in different ways, generating experimentation and reflection in many aspects of pedagogical theory and practice. The educational project of Reggio Emilia offers an image of knowledge as being relational, an image of the teacher as researcher in relation, and an image of the school as being a place of research and relations. “These points of view have been influencing our own research for quite some time now. Our research with materials, with each other, with colleagues in Reggio Emilia, with our own colleagues, with thinkers and writers and with teachers, has helped us to understand and support Carla Rinaldi’s proposition that" working as teachers as researchers can't be taught. It is only possible to feel it. It must be experiences. It is a real part of life. (2012) Celada and Hobba 2020.
  • By agreeing to participate in the research project participants are agreeing to:

    • Keep a research notebook (hard copy or digital).

    • To record and share the process of their own learning and the learning of the group.

    • To record and share their experience of collaborative and experiential researching online.

    • To engage in project evaluation

    By agreeing to participate in the research project all participants agree that all work undertaken during the research project becomes the intellectual property of REAIE.
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