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Webinar 1: Contextualising ‘The Inclusive Community Package’ – QLD

This webinar will contextualise the principles of Reggio Emilia and its alignment with the Australian National Learning Framework. It will assist educators to use the package to its full potential.

Webinar 2: Navigating Human Rights – QLD

This webinar will unpack the manifesto written by Loris Malaguzzi, Una carta per tre diritti, A Charter of Three Rights which details his beliefs on the rights of children, the rights of parents and the rights of teachers.

Webinar 3: Navigating Otherness – QLD

This webinar will confront injustice through the values of otherness, bias and difference and explore the practice of an ethics of an encounter.

Webinar 4: Navigating Democracy – QLD

This webinar will explore democracy and democratic processes as a catalyst to engage in dialogue about pedagogical work.

Webinar 5: Navigating Participation – QLD

This webinar will explore the potential for engaging families, allied professionals and community members for change in practices to ensure social justice perspectives.

Webinar 6: The Inclusive Community: Children with Special Rights – QLD

This webinar will once again explore the manifesto written by Loris Malaguzzi, Una carta per tre diritti in relation to children with special rights and their families. Drawing together the key ideas explored throughout the webinar series we will invite participants to enact children’s rights and participation across our community.