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Perth Reggio Network Meeting - June 2024

Date: Tuesday 4 June 2024

Time: 6.30pm - 8.00pm


Category: WA Network

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Program Description

The Perth Reggio Network meeting will take place on Boorloo land.

In 2024, the Perth Reggio Network will continue our collective research into the Hundred Languages. In Term 2, we have an incredible opportunity to visit Craigie Early Learning Centre, and to experience an inspiring presentation by the Craigie Early Learning Centre team:

The Child and the Atelier

The atelier is the heart of our service and central to progettazione. It is a home for fine art materials, tools and techniques. Most importantly, it is a space that promotes dialogues and deepens research. It is where imagination can become reality and transformations take shape.

In actuality, when we look at the idea of “the child and the atelier” it is an approach rather than a space. Often the activity and experiences move outside the walls of the atelier for the children to encounter multiple views and perspectives.

Allow us to show you how we use a combination of environments, materials and conversations to identify individual learning languages and create entry points for our children. This space or approach also encourages the educator to engage hands on with our children and make discoveries themselves. Through consistent exposure to art materials and processes, our educators and children have moved past “craft” and create “art that matters” and sustainable creations for resources.

Like all of the spaces we learn on, we draw inspiration from Country and First Nations artists and peoples, which we will touch on in this presentation. We prioritise making our learning visible; the creation of art is the child’s richest form of documentation. It is their voice and mind materialised on paper, canvas and in sculpture.  

The evening includes a unique opportunity to tour Craigie Early Learning Centre as we consider the principle of the Hundred Languages from the educational project of Reggio Emilia and how this might be contextualised in our Australian settings.

Places are limited due to space constraints and will book quickly. We look forward to reconnecting with existing members and meeting new faces there!