International, national and local exhibitions provide the opportunity to view the thoughts, ideas and work of children. Parents, educators and the wider community are able to discuss the documentation of projects and reflect upon the thinking and ideas of children.

Exhibition news

REAIE was delighted to present The Hundred Languages of Children Exhibition at the Alice Springs Convention Centre, 11-31 October, 2018. Click here to discover more.

The Hundred Languages of Children: Narratives of the Possible Exhibition

The exhibition, The Hundred Languages of Children: Narratives of the Possible, tells the story of an educational adventure, reflecting the experiences, thoughts, theoretical research, and the ethical and social ideals of many generations of children, teachers and parents from Reggio Emilia. It is an unfinished story, offering the opportunity for wider reflection and the comparison of ideas. The story unfolds through the representations of projects carried out on a variety of topics.

The exhibition has had more that twenty years of touring, involving five editions of the European version, and the duplication of the exhibit in 1987 for a North American version. The first showing in the Southern Hemisphere was in Australia in 1994. The current English language version was produced specifically for the 2001 tour to Hong Kong, Melbourne and Perth. Since then, this exhibition has travelled to India, Malaysia, Korea and the U.K. The exhibition received a warm reception in 2010 when it was displayed in Ballarat thanks to a generous grant from the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and again more recently when it was hosted in Melbourne at the Guardian Pedagogical Exchange in Richmond.