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Advisories: 5 and 6 year-old children tell incoming 3 year-olds about their new preschool

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Reggio Children, Italy, 2002; Illus. softbound, 48 pp.

Educational Documentation

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A book by the children, teachers and parents of Diana Preschool.

A project where the five and six-year-old children, who are leaving the preschool for the elementary school, tell the three-year-old children about the preschool they are entering.

From the “unheard voices of children series” (Reggio Children):

“Who could claim, then, to have ever heard or read the true, direct voice of children? Only a very few adults could give an affirmative reply to this question, also because in all of world literature children have certainly been the most gagged and silenced subjects. It seems to be an authentic, though perhaps unconscious, conspiracy of silence. But children talk, and they have always talked, though their words are rarely listened to and leave no trace. The words of children may at times seem strangely similar to our own, but they recall faraway and unknown worlds and meanings to which we as adults too often remain deaf and insensitive. Giving a voice to childhood thus means recognizing children’s right to be the primary authors of their lives. Giving a voice to children is the courageous adventure of this editorial series that urges us to open our ears and listen to this ‘unheard voice’.” Sergio Spaggiari

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