Eastern Suburbs Provocation Group Meeting - March 2020

Date: Wednesday 4 March 2020

Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm


Category: NSW Network

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Program Description

The focus of the Eastern Suburbs Provocation Group meeting will be:

Building a Relationship to include:

  • Viewing of Kincoppal Rose Bay’s Research into ‘Why the Wild?’
  • Collaborative Relationships Discussion
  • What does the term relationships mean to you?

Break out discussion groups:

  • What can be observed when children are in a relationship?
  • How could relationships be used as a provocative lens for research?
  • What aspect of relationships could your space be looking at?
  • Do relationships have to have emotion?
  • Can children have a relationship with inanimate objects?
  • What languages might provoke well with ‘relationships’?

Whole group discussion:
Share ideas from groups, formulating hypotheses and moving forward with research.

Next steps
Formation of groups – contacts for help, questioning, mentor for project, coordinator of research data, photos, quotes, reflections