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NSW Network Groups

“The image of the Harbour Bridge represents our desire to create connections across our different educational settings. We hope these growing connections will position us as powerful advocates of a strong and positive view of childhood in our city. We are committed to building a culture amongst our members that makes room for questions and is marked by creativity, rich discussion and openness to others’ perspectives.”

Sydney Networks

Inspired and challenged by the educational project of Reggio Emilia, our network groups meet regularly to share experiences and create opportunities to hear speakers who challenge our thinking about education, and inspire us to think deeply about our practice as teachers. Professional workshops are held each term in different parts of the city. Localised meetings, more focussed on discussion and research, are hosted regularly at a variety of educational settings.

Eastern Suburbs Provocation Group


Dates and venues advised via email.


CONVENORS: Nicole Johnson

EMAIL: Eastern Suburbs Provocations Group Convenors

REsearch Conversations


Held once each term – participants are requested to attend every meeting.


CONVENORS: Jessica Rix and Paula West

EMAIL: REsearch Conversations Network Convenors

Inner West Sydney

At our Inner West Sydney meetings we find strong connections and definite shared values reflective of our inner west communities. Interestingly, the transformation of a group of passionate colleagues with common interests and curiosities culminated in the experience of creating a shared artwork that depicted our identity. This transformative process deepened our relationships and we invite you to join our learning community and contribute to our tapestry of thinking.


On Thursdays, once per term.


CONVENORS: Emma Cullen & Deborah Garrett

EMAIL: Inner West Sydney Network Convenors

“Like the RE Northern Rivers NSW Network Group, the beautiful Coolamon rainforest tree, Syzigium Moorei, is unique to the Northern Rivers of NSW. Its flowers come directly out along the branches of the tree. Its timber was used by Indigenous people to make Coolamon bowls.”

Northern Rivers NSW Network Group

The Northern Rivers network aims to provide a forum for discussion, provocation and challenge about what we can learn from the early childhood practices in Reggio Emilia.


Dates and times are advised via email.


CONVENOR: Wendy Boyd

EMAIL: Northern Rivers NSW Network Group Convenor

Network Meetings and Events – NSW

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